Healthy life style : par où commencer ?!

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By visiting blogs about sports, nutrition, and seeing hundreds of “fitspo” photos on But where to start ? We can quickly be lost! Here are the three key points to keep in mind:


1 / Nutrition!

This is the basis. First, as I said earlier in It’s gross, it completely disrupts the behavior with respect to food. In short: it’s not good!

Instead, focus on small daily changes: incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your menus. Also add whole legumes and starchy foods to be stalled. Remove industrial cakes and replace them with homemade pastries; stop nibbling.

But live! It’s not because you eat balanced that you have to deprive yourself! Especially not. If you fancy a burger, go for it. It is healthy to enjoy “jokers” without guilt.

Finally, try to discover new products, for example by shopping in organic stores! The products offered are much healthier, and not necessarily more expensive. I love doing my shopping at Bio C Bon. I search the shelves, I always want to test 1000 things! And if you “crack” on a jar of spread, at least it will be organic, and without palm oil!


2 / The sport!

Again, no secret. If you want a slender and toned body, you have to move!

Start slowly. Radical changes are those that are most difficult to maintain. It is better to integrate the sport little by little: an ab session one day, a short jog a few days later, ect.

I’m still going to talk about They are short, so easy to integrate into a busy schedule. Lucile is super motivating and the sessions are intense and effective!

What is also very motivating is to set goals, challenges. You want to start running? Register for the first 5 km. So you will have a goal to motivate you to not let go!


3 / The motivation!

When I talk about motivation, I really talk about the “psychological” side of life changing. Ask yourself the right questions: Why do you want to change? Do you have goals? What are your expectations for this change? There are no good answers. But first and foremost, you must do this to gain more well-being, confidence in yourself, to have the energy and the desire to do 1000 things, to feel good about yourself and better health. In short: for YOU.

For that, surround yourself with good people: talk to your sports friends to play sports with them. Join the healthy community on social networks. Instagram remains my biggest motivation. It can become so for you too, to support you in your approach. You will meet lots of people, virtually or not, discover new sports activities, test healthy recipes, find inspiration and motivation.

Woody Allen said “80% of success is showing up! ”


Feel free to leave me a comment if you have questions, or other ideas to motivate yourself 😉

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