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No, I have not always been slim, no I have not always been sporty! Far from there! Before living “healthy” I had some extra pounds that ruined my life … At the time I ate badly, very badly. But I thought it was perfectly normal! Daily frozen meals, cheese, dessert and wine at each dinner, chocolates and cakes in front of the TV in the evening, Mac Do twice a week. NORMAL.

I alternated this diet with phases of diets, after the holidays or before the holidays … I think I went around all possible diets: Dukan, Chrononutrition, meal replacement, cabbage soup (hmm yum yum), low calorie diet . The yoyo for years, a lot of frustrations, a lot of disappointments. I felt really bad about myself, I was very complex. The diets made me lose a few pounds on the spot, then I took everything back. Estimate of myself at -10 000 … And hop, it was left for the bad food, until the next regime!

At that time, I was not doing any sport. Or at least not regularly. From time to time, I made attempts! A zumba class here, a Swedish gym class there. I forced myself. I DETAILED all forms of physical activity! Running does not talk about it. Extreme torture! Hahaha.

A little less than two years ago, the company in which I work offered me to register for the La Parisienne race (6,7km). I decide to register, to challenge me, saying “My great, now that you are registered, you go to the end if you do not want to show yourself in front of your colleagues …”

It’s gone for 6 months of training. I know it may seem very long for such a small distance but I really started from ZERO! The first training was really torture. I alternated walking and running, scarlet red, sweaty, asphyxiated … All this to run 10 minutes …

I persevered and participated in the race. And what a joy to cross the finish line! I was proud of myself for once! I think it was that day that the trigger took place: The feeling of satisfaction, to be able to say “I worked for that, I arrived”. In the process I signed up for my first 10 km, then the half marathon of Paris, and you know the rest …!

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I realized that my passion for sport was born in the challenge. I set myself a goal that I do not feel able to achieve: and presto, I train hard, I do not let go and I get there. Pride, fulfillment, self-confidence that pushes to consider a next challenge. It’s a virtuous circle! I’m dreaming now of participating in the Spartan Race and completing a marathon, but that’s another subject! 😉

Let’s come to food! By putting myself to sport, I naturally came to seek a healthier diet, favorable to my health and my dynamism. Farewell fast food, industrial cakes, glasses of wine at night …

I decided to stop the diets, eat balanced not in order to lose weight but to be more successful during my physical activities. I lost weight very slowly (over a year to lose 10 pounds) little by little, without really realizing it. I am very good alive and greedy, it was out of the question not to have fun at the table. I started cooking: small balanced dishes, healthy pastries and greedy … And here are 10 kilos flew.

I never perceived these new habits as a diet, especially not, I HORROR diets !! I think I will never be able to do it again. I really adopt this way of life.

To be more precise, I will share with you some tips:

1 / Support and encourage! I clearly Instagram motivated me a lot! I found (and still find!) A true community, people who share the same passions and desires as me, who support me and who I am too.

2 / Take your time! You must be patient! It’s not a month or two that you will get the body you want! I still have not reached my goal (muscle more!) But I persevere. It must be admitted that it takes time. Do not be in a hurry. (And I’m very impatient, I know how desperate it can be to see no results in the first place!)

3 / Eat balanced, do not deprive yourself, enjoy yourself! Here is a typical day that I followed during my weight loss: Breakfast: muesli / almond milk / tea. (or rye bread / turkey ham, very satiating). Snack: a fruit. Lunch: Protein / Vegetables / whole starters or legumes. Taste: A fruit and / or a piece of homemade cake. Dinner: Protein / Vegetables or Legumes / Vegetables (and a fruit if you crave sweet!)

4 / Try lots of sporting activity until you find the one that really motivates you. Not to lose weight, but because you really enjoy it, you go beyond, you’re proud of yourself!

5 / Respect the rule of the pyramid of meals: A hearty breakfast, a consistent and balanced lunch, a light dinner. The day your body needs energy, the evening it stock … Moreover, the fact of light dinner favors a good sleep!

6 / Beware of drinks. Alcohol is extremely caloric. I always drink of course, I do not deprive myself! Out of the question! But I am much more moderate. Maximum two drinks in one evening, alternated with soft drinks and no more than two nights a week 😉

7 / Allow you “pleasure” meals once or twice a week, during which you eat what you like. This avoids crazy crackings, frustrations … For example, the week you eat clean and at the weekend you have two meals “total joker”!

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The important thing in all this is to think that these new habits are acquired for life and not until the next test of the bikini … (I make rhymes, it’s pretty) It must be said that we do this to be healthy, energetic and full of life!

I’ll stop there (you’re still there ?!) But if you have any questions, feel free to ask them in comment. I will answer with pleasure!

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