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We meet again for a new edition of “the sports interview”! I take you into the world of the beautiful Christelle blog:

Several themes are discussed on Christelle’s blog: sports, healthy recipes, looks, good addresses ect … I appreciate her state of mind, her love for sport, the advice she shares with her readers.

The aesthetics of the blog is superb: the photos are neat and very artistic, we feel that Christelle loves photography.

I’m also a big fan of her colorful looks that show off her sexy figure! Which model !


Let’s go to the interview!

Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

My name is Christelle, a native of New Caledonia (I love my little touch of exoticism!), And I live in Paris for 10 years now. After the bac, I came to settle there to continue my studies. And I decided to put my bags there permanently! I play sports every day and I suffer at least once a week!

Outside of sport, what do you do in life?

Outside the sport? What is outside of sport? Truce joke, generally speaking I’m passionate about Image. I love to appreciate the captivating power of a photo, a moment T meticulously captured, develop videos, etc … I am also an old fashion addict, and I dream of being able to travel more. In the end, I would say that I represent the young woman of 2015: passionate about everything, and eager to know everything!

Who is the man or woman who has marked you the most in your sports life?

Her name was Anne; She was my first fitness teacher. She taught me to love all the activities she taught. She was beautiful, but a beauty that is ignored. At first, I participated in his classes to give me motivation. It was for me, the only way to move me! I thought that one day too, I would be as comfortable as she in my body. And then, little by little, I detached myself from it. I managed to train alone. She managed to make me love sports. All that to say that in sports, there are no bad students, but sometimes there are better teachers!

What is the craziest experience that sport has made you live?

I think that question should be rested at the end of the year. 2015 will be for me, the year of all sports challenges. While waiting to run my first half-marathon on March 8th (Paris Half-Marathon), I would say that the wildest experience was surely the Spartan Race. It was so hard physically, and so good mentally! I remember that moment when I crossed (with the Dubndidu Crew) the finish line, a fire barrier. It was so strong!

Diet or not diet?

Definitely Diet! But in the sense that we hear it! With experience, I realized that food and sports were intimately linked. In my opinion, the sport is 40% physical effort, and 60% effort on the plate, if one wishes to have convincing results … That does not mean that it is necessary to deprive oneself! Since I changed my diet, I eat twice more, but I eat “clever”. I replace all refined products filled with sugar / salt / chemicals with healthier alternatives. And I put them on stage to make them want to be crunched! In fact, it is necessary as for the sport, to accustom one’s palate to new flavors!

What is your leitmotif, the slogan that summarizes your way of thinking?

My motto is “life is a sport: the only limits are those that we give ourselves”. I think that sport is a revealer of personality. When you understand that you can impact your body with your strength of mind, it encourages you to apply that “determination” in everyday life. Whenever I find an obstacle in my path, every time I get discouraged, I repeat this little sentence. Thanks to her, I imagine myself spraying a record, beating my last time, or taking up a new sporting challenge, etc … It allows me to believe in the impossible, and to make it become possible!

Role reversal: ask me a question!

How do you see your relationship to sport in 10 years?

Good question Christelle !! Since I am a “new” sportswoman (less than two years ago, I hated sport !!) I just hope to keep this state of mind, this love for sport! In 10 years, I imagine myself a sportive mom, who runs with her little ones!


Thanks to Christelle for her answers!

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