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During the Zippy Events of Yoga, last February, I had the chance to participate in a course of the talented Hélène Duval, founder of the brand YUJ , stylish and comfortable yoga clothes.

Helen is smiling, energetic, positive, in short: solar! His yoga class Ashtanga Vinyasa had transported me. She kindly agreed to answer the interview of the month in seven questions:

  1. Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

My name is Hélène Duval I am 38 years old, I am a yoga teacher, Parisian, mother of 3 children and founder of the brand of YUJ yoga clothing and accessories and creator of the YOGA IN THE CITY events of the big yoga gatherings. heart of the city in unusual places.

  1. Outside of yoga, what are your other passions?

I put yoga at the heart of my life and everything I do I dedicate to this passion for yoga for over 15 years now. I must admit that since I have 3 small children (6 years, 4 years and 9 months) I do not have many spaces for other activities except yoga.

  1. Who is the man or woman who has made the most impact in your life as a sportswoman / Yogi?

Every day I meet people and I like to say by taking up the verbatim of Paul Eluard “there is no chance there are only appointments” and most of the people I meet with whom I exchange around yoga bring me a lot. I can quote the professor LECAT of the association MECENAT CARDIAC SURGERY is of actuality because for the 2nd year YUJ is associated with the cardiac surgery sponsorship association for the great gathering THE YOGIS OF THE HEART in September with the Castle of Versailles …

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  1. What is the craziest experience that sport / Yoga has made you live?

Yoga changed my life trajectory, yoga made me grow and opened my eyes to the fact that happiness was not a gift but that every day we had to go and get it. Everyday the happiest or the darkest; yoga aligns me in my life to make me feel better.

  1. Diet or not diet?

Not diet but total control of my diet that means that I do not forbid anything but I am my own master so when I abuse one day and well the next day I am very careful and it goes through my method of apples. I explain to myself if at a dinner I drank too much red wine (it’s my sweet sin) eaten too much bread (I’m not French for nothing) and well the next day the punishment goes through no pleasure only apples and rice cakes !! it works great and I dose on.

  1. What is your leitmotif, the slogan that summarizes your way of thinking?

To be here here and now

Every day I repeat myself and this allows me to really become aware of the present and stop chewing in all that has already happened because it is done and it is useless to look in the rearview mirror and even less to project oneself into the future because it gives us too many feelings of instability and doubts.

  1. Role reversal: ask me a question!

I follow you on social networks and I adore your world of girl who praises the good around her by a diet and healthy lifestyle super healthy. Do you still give yourself moments of letting go?

Thank you Helen! Yes, I give myself moments of letting go! They are an integral part of my lifestyle: no frustration and so everything is easier! If I do not want to play sports, I do not do it. It must be a pleasure. If I want a fried burger, I eat it! I rebalance my diet by eating lighter the next day!

A big thank you to Helen for answering my questions! If you want to participate in Yoga In The City events, go here: YITC

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