Les 10 résolutions du Nouvel An qu’on ne tiendra pas

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2015 is coming to an end .. And soon will be the time for good resolutions! Because in 2016 it is certain we will achieve all these good resolutions that we had listed in 2015, because we had promised in 2014, because we had to do it in 2013 … New Year’s resolutions c ‘ is great, we are over excited by imagining all these beautiful things we will achieve.

2015 and its chaos: finished! This year, we will change!

Here are the top 10 good resolutions we never hold. I feel concerned


  1. The detox . Mouhahah. ” After the holidays, I do 3 days of detox, I will eat only apples, if, if I read that it was super good for the organization “. Yesii and it’s super good to faint too, and not to be able to see an apple painting for the rest of his life. In general, the breakfast goes by itself, then .. oh again apples for lunch (Boring …) and dinner … What?! Stoooop! Now you just want to work.

The solution: Return to a healthy and balanced diet, the little extra kilos of the holidays will fly away alone.

  1. The subscription to the gym … That’s it ! You did it ! You have your CMG / HealthCity / Amazonia card in your pocket! Bravoooo! You have just spent 600 € for 3 sports classes!

The solution: Start by doing sports at home, to test your motivation and invest in a pair of running shoes: it will cost you less than a subscription in the room!

  1. Eat Healthy ! To us full of fruits, vegetables and legumes! But first there is the galette des rois, the candlemas, Easter, the birthday of tata Huguette …. And this Japanese, who does not stop his harassment by knocking on the door three times a week …

The solution: Apply the 80/20 rule: 80% of the time you eat balanced, 20% of the time you eat what you want

  1. Drink a lot of water ! We keep reading everywhere, drink 1.5l per day. Three days of going back to the toilet were the reason for your good motivation … And you no longer want to hang out your 1.5L Contrex everywhere …

The solution: Drink scented herbal teas at work or slip slices of lemon and some mint leaves in your carafe of water at the table … It is much more pleasant, it will pass by itself!

  1. Go to bed early : You have read, the benefits on our health of a good sleep are multiple: it prevents weight gain, strengthens your immune system, your mood and your shape … This year, you go to bed early! Yes but … there is Hugh Grant at 9 pm on one and then I have to tell all the latest gossip in Cheri and then I have to check my Instagram … And … Oh, it’s 1am … Tomorrow is safe , I go to bed early.

The solution: We set up a “routine”: the body falls asleep more easily if you go to bed every night at the same time. We drop the laptop and we think we’ll have the whole weekend to watch shows with Chéri 😉

  1. Stop drinking (alcohol). It is not because we live “healthy” that we never drink alcohol, we agree. Yes, but drinking makes you fat and dehydrates. This year: I stop … How? Beubeu offers an aperitif? Ok, but just a drink huh …

The solution: We avoid going from one extreme to the other. My dietician said “two little glasses, two nights a week”

  1. I have a limited budget on Irun during sales … (at least for the first week …)

The solution: I list what I REALLY need (which I can not not buy) and stick to it!


  1. Hold the Sirsasana (Yoga Posture on the head). We see it everywhere on social networks: yoga is trendy: meditative postures, chakras awake, plus it’s pretty picture on Insta .. But now, after 32 minutes of yoga and 3 lumbar displaced It’s funnier than yoga.

The solution: I do not practice an activity because it is trendy but because it pleases me. So if yoga, we do not like, we do not go! (Hello yogis, it’s just an example, eh, yoga, I like 😉)

  1. Become a vegetarian : Between your girlfriend Floflo who only eats tofu, and the report on TV on these poor ducklings abused for the holidays, it’s decided: you become a vegetarian! … But the capon is good .. Seriously, you imagine life without a burger?

The solution: We moderate! No need to eat meat at every meal. Replace it with vegetable protein as soon as you get the chance. (Squash, soy, nuts, lentils ..) and make a few days off, without meat, every week.

  1. Stop procrastinating … Hmmm … It would be nice to do it all right … but it’s tiring. And it’s fun to dance and sing loudly on Taylor Swift. Let’s report all the previous points to 2017.

The solution : “The one who moves the mountain is the one who starts by removing small pebbles” Hoooo, it’s beautiful. No, I’m joking. Just to say that it is better to cut the big spots in full of small. Put yourself to work in small sessions, change your eating habits little by little .. Step by step!

Here is the last article of 2015 my little Loupiotes! I wish you a nice eve! Do you have other good resolutions ?!

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