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Do not you sometimes feel like looking for a balance, a harmony? We take care of his body, we play sports, we maintain at best   his health. We eat healthy. We think that if we were thinner, more muscular we would be happier. So, we follow the hours at the gym, the runs, the abs sessions. It feels better, but something is missing.

Well-being in the head? We meditate, we practice relaxation. Readings on personal development multiply to tidy up   in our thoughts. It feels good, but it still lacks an important element to be in phase …

Listen to his heart … I think the balance is on a trio: head, body, heart. The heart is the seat of our happiness, without preconceived ideas. We have all experienced these moments of joy where we practice an activity that we love, where we talk about topics that fascinate us, those moments when we are released through dance, music or reading. of a book. We become without filter, the mind does not intervene anymore. We are just ‘us’, in the present moment. That’s listening to his heart, being in phase. It’s about aligning the head and the body with the heart.

There is a wonderful phrase from Teilhard de Chardin: “We are not human beings living a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings living a human experience. We are not just a carnal envelope, we are so much more than that.

Alignment with ourselves should be an ongoing process and a constant work to be in sync.

If the head takes over the body, we are victims of stress, tension, insomnia … Conversely, if the body expresses itself, we suffer from chronic pain, migraines, lumbago …

Listening to one’s heart helps to balance our being by making choices that are right for us (doing a job in accordance with our values, working alongside positive people who enrich our lives, practice activities that fascinate us and reveal the best of ourselves. )

Why? Because it allows us to act in our interest, to do what we love and to dare to be oneself.

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Here is a little ritual that I practice regularly to better pay attention to my deep aspirations. Sit in a quiet room with your feet firmly on the ground. Take a notebook and a pencil and write, spontaneously, absolutely everything that comes to your mind. Do not judge your writings. Relate your doubts, your beliefs, your aspirations, your dreams in an instinctive way. You will be surprised what you will discover about yourself.

If you act according to your principles, following your values, you will have the impression to sound right.

We all have deep dreams and generous ideas in our hearts that we dare not realize. For fear of not getting there, for fear of change or the eyes of others. What a pity it is to graze your life … I think that living a healthy life is about self-realization. To be good in body, on your plate yes, but it is also necessary to be in phase with oneself and its deep aspirations. The head to understand, the body to act, the heart to adhere.

And you, what is your definition of a life in phase?


Written in collaboration with Activia de Danone

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