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On this blog, we talk primarily about the steps necessary to have good health: eat healthy and move. Sometimes it involves weight loss. So I decided to share with you some tips that I followed to lose my extra pounds. No miracle secrets or innovative tips, just common sense advice, that I wanted to share with you!

  1. To lose weight you have to … stop dieting !! That’s the paradox! I know what I’m talking about, I’ve been doing it for 10 years. You start a diet, you lose weight, you “hold” a certain time, then it is no longer tenable … And that’s the drama. You pick up all the lost pounds and more! And then you start again … STOP! I urge you to watch the” sports nutrition> , to know the rules of a healthy and balanced diet (whether you are sports or not)!

    Accept that weight loss is slow. It took me a year to lose 6 kg. The motto is the PA-TIEN-CE!


    1. Keep a food diary. I did it only the first weeks. Writing what you eat makes you realize your food intake. It’s very motivating. Duty to note his deviations often dissuades drive crazings! You record your daily meals and physical activities and your weight once a week. Here is an example of a table to use:


    3- Cook ! It’s a bit THE key to success! Finished the frozen dishes, the meals that are delivered, the mac do … We cook healthy, fast and balanced dishes, gourmet cakes and light, in short we are pleased by bringing good things to our body! Use plenty of spices and herbs to raise your dishes, take care of the presentation of your plates, vary the menus! You must enjoy eating!

    to cook

    4- Buy only good things . If you are tempted to go for a walk in the fridge, you will find nothing but yogurt, fruit, turkey ham ect … This will save you from unnecessary cracks! By cons, plan anyway what you do small healthy snacks: seasonal fruits, nuts, yogurt, corn cakes & almond puree ect …

    Raspberry fruit

    1. Integrate the sport little by little in your life ! Start with small sessions like the famous HIIT (I talk about Over” here> .

    Then, when sport is part of your life, give yourself challenges to motivate you to go further: registration for a first race, discovery of new activities ect. You will lose weight over the months, without even realizing it!


    1. Drink! Drinking water allows your body to eliminate waste, be less tired, avoid injuries … In short, for a good weight loss hydration is essential; go hop, we put on herbal teas, green tea, and we never go out without a small bottle of water in his bag!


    1. During the weight loss, allow yourself wilds ! Once or twice a week, that’s good. You eat what you want the time of a dinner. This is very important to keep in the long run: do not deprive yourself of everything for weeks. These jokers are an integral part of the food rebalancing! Once your fitness weight is reached, apply the following rule: 80% of meals must be healthy and balanced. The remaining 20%: do yourself a favor!


    In case of big differences, we do not loose anything! I too often see people adhere to the “damned for god” theory. No !! Did you let go, did you have fun? It is very good ! The next day, return to normal: fruits and vegetables in abundance, drink a lot of water. And hop it’s forgotten!

    I hope these tips will be useful and you will have remotivés! And if you have any other tips or tricks, leave me a little comment 😉

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