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In recent times I have tested the PUMATRAC running app. Like Nike Plus, Runtastic or Endomodo, Pumatrac accompanies you in your outings: itineraries, distance traveled, calories consumed, music.

But the application innovates by offering you personalized information according to your reactions during the race. Pumatrac takes into account the weather, the music you listen to, the time of day, the altitude, the season and even … the activity of social networks! The app collects all this information to make an analysis of your performance: so you’ll know if you’re better in the rain at 6am or in the sun at the end of the day.


I loved :

  • The application offers many shopping itineraries. It allowed me to change a few of my usual trips. I discovered very nice little streets near my home!
  • You can make “pacts”: Basically these are challenges that you have to meet: walk 5 km in the city, do 3 runs in the rain, run 5 times by zero degrees in the same month or do 4 runs after midnight. Every time you get badges! You become stronger, more enduring #NoMatterWhat 😉
  • Different types of sports are taken into account: walking, running, hiking, indoor race, trail ect

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I least liked :

  • The application is in English … And I’m a quiche in English! And I’m a little lazy also at this level, I do not want to translate! ^^ Well, that’s understandable huh! But I would have preferred the app ‘say’ Bravo ‘in French: p
  • I’m not great fan of the “sharing photos” feature. After a run, I share the activity on Instagram. Pumatrac places on the photos a mask not very aesthetic with motivational phrases. I think the red bar is not super pretty … It remains my opinion and it is not very serious ..!

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Finally, PUMATRAC allows riders to share their results with their friends and other riders in the area. There is also a tab “Ignite your city” that I like. We see a ranking of points accumulated by the users of each city. It makes me want to run for Pariiiiiis!


If you are traveling, the GPS application will show you the best running routes in the place where you are … in short: you no longer have an excuse not to put on your sneakers and go running .

PUMATRAC is available for free on the App Store. You use it?

Pictures: Little Shao for PUMA

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