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We are already in early December, time is running out and in less than a month we will be immersed in the holiday season! How to prepare to be on top of the day? Here are a few tips :

Many people are tempted to “go on a diet” before the holidays, to be on top at the end of the year. Fault !!! If you are starving just before the holidays: cuckoo the carnage on December 25th! Your body will store all it can to make reservations (you never know, if you plan to remake it until 31!).

So we continue to eat balanced, we do not deprive ourselves! Hello fruits and vegetables, legumes and lean proteins!

You can also drink a lot of green tea whose benefits are many: it is antioxidant, helps lower cholesterol, improves vitality: that “more”!


We do not forget the sport! The regular practice of physical exercise promotes metabolism: the process of transformation by which we burn calories! So we do not let go of the sport and we favor the training of the type “HIIT”, the High-Intensity Interval Training (fractional training of high intensity). Here are two courses that I really like:

Destress! For this, do not hesitate to practice meditation. It’s not mystical ^^: a few simple exercises can allow you to reconnect at the moment, reduce your anxiety and thus be more in harmony with your body and your environment. You will relieve tensions and end the year in style!



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Stress, end of year fatigue, it’s time to get your fill of vitality ! To prepare your organization for the holiday season, we focus on vitamin cocktails, preferably organic. This will help your organization cope with plan declines.

Do not forget the importance of sleep: good restorative nights today, will help your body to recover nights a little short ahead 😉 And as my mamounette says ” It’s the hours before midnight that matter “!



And you, how are you preparing for the holidays?

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