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I recently shared with you an article on long trips in which I explained that we should not hesitate to slow down to keep the distance … What was not my surprise to read your answers: ” thank you for have dared to say that you run at 9km / h !

I received a lot of comments and emails from readers, uninhibited by the fact that I announced my speed. As if they were ashamed to run at this speed!

On sites running, through sports events organized by major sports brands, on social networks, the dynamic is to beat the clock, to be systematically in the performance, to go faster, further, to be stronger than this or that person. The running and fitness community in general maintains this notion of competition that is complex.

Hey ho !!! Can we just run for ourselves? For pleasure ? Otherwise how to consider a regular practice of an activity that is found binding?

I am the first to want to challenge me, to want to run further, a 10 km, then a semi and now I dream of marathons. But I’m doing this for myself. To feel proud, strong and not to impress anyone. I think that the notion of pleasure in racing comes from there: running for oneself.

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So I want to share with you some tricks so that running always rhymes with pleasure

  • List the reasons you want to run : for health benefits, for weight loss, to meet people, for a cause, to de-stress you. There are no good or bad reasons. The essential remains the pleasure taken to run. It must never be lost in an excessive search for performance.
  • If you start the race, I say it again, do not hesitate to walk ! There is no shame! On the contrary, you are already making the effort to put yourself in it. Bravo! When we start, we think our sessions are too short, we do not run long enough. We force ourselves to hold. Results: we disgust ourselves from running! Alternate running and walking keeps the notion of pleasure, never to be in the wrong.
  • Turn off voice announcements on running apps on your smartphone . Just once. Try. More reminder ” 3 km traveled ” more than ” average speed: 6 minutes 28 seconds per kilometer ” … These very nice ads that put the pressure: ” I am a turtle “, ” I still have X terminals to trace .” No no, there you run for pleasure, for you, focused on your feelings.
  • Prepare a good playlist : it motivates and will punctuate your output. We do not get bored, we take pleasure in listening to new music. I always choose songs that gives fishing. At the moment it’s Club Foot (Kasabian), Castle In The Snow (The Avener), Radioactive (Marina and the Diamonds), Sail (Awolnation) … ect! I change my playlist almost every week to never get tired!
  • Become aware of the benefits of running on health . This is essential to address the notion of pleasure. Running helps strengthen the heart and lungs, improves oxygenation of the brain, evacuate toxins, strengthen muscle fibers of the legs and abs and finally release endorphins, molecules of happiness that provide a sensation of well-being and decreases the sensation of pain! When one is aware of this, immediately it makes you want to go sweat!
  • Running alone or in a group? There, everyone has their own answer. Some will have more fun running accompanied to join a community of runners, to motivate, feel stimulated, chat during the race and not be bored. Others (like me!) Will prefer running alone. This allows me a real disconnect. My body runs “all alone” and I live my little life in my head, vagabond ideas! And that’s a real pleasure! A kind of letting go of the mind.

That’s it, each person is different, each runner must learn to do according to his abilities. Be proud of your results, whatever they are. Run for you, for the feeling of freedom that it provides, to learn to listen to you, to meditate, to release energy.

And you, why are you running? 😉

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