Tenir ses bonnes résolutions!

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First of all…


I wish you all the best for this new year: to be happy, motivated, determined, to believe in yourself, to achieve your goals, to meet beautiful people, to smile, to sparkle !!

When we start a new year, we do a lot of projects, we want the new year to be better than the previous one; we are motivated. Then comes the time for good resolutions …

“I’m going to race, I’m going to lose X kilos, I’m going to eat healthy . It really believes but when the daily takes over, our beautiful motivation leaves us little by little …

Hello, hush, hush !! In 2015, it says: we will not let go!

But then, what strategy to put in place to stay motivated? Here are four keys to hold his good resolutions!

  1. Visualize!

Write your objectives for this new year in black and white: in a nice notebook, on your fridge or in your diary. This will allow you to make a point on what you really want to put in place. Once written, it will be easier for you to visualize your goals, and establish a strategy to achieve them.

Why not create a Vision Board? It is a billboard on which you paste images, photos, illustrations that represent your goals to achieve, your vision of the future, your projects. Add quotes that speak to you, motivate you. It is necessary that your vision board is fun, you like it, that you have pleasure to look at it! The vision board helps to think, to visualize in a very concrete way the projects we have for our life. It facilitates success because its visualization sets the spirit in motion to accomplish the projects, to attract what we desire. If the subject interests you, I invite you to watch this video where everything is well explained:

  • Be realistic
  • Set yourself accessible goals! Are you planning to run a marathon in the year when you have not been getting your sneakers out of the closet for months? … Be realistic, you’ll run to failure!

    Fix yourself accessible challenges: if you plan to start running, why not register for the first 10 km in June? This remains a very achievable goal while giving you a source of motivation for the next 6 months.

    Want to learn how to eat healthier? Change one aspect of your diet at a time. By upsetting all your landmarks overnight, it is likely that you have abandoned your good resolutions soon! Discover new foods little by little, cook dishes that make you happy (homemade cakes if you want to sweet!).

    Give yourself time to achieve your goals. If you want to refine, lose a few pounds, think about next summer. This will give you several months to initiate some nice changes!

    In short, be realistic when the time comes for good resolutions …


    1. Have fun!

    This is the basis for not giving up. If you put yourself into sport just to lose weight or have a good conscience, you will quickly become unmotivated. Try several activities. You must find the one you really like, the one where you say “strongly the next course! “.

    Similarly for the kitchen: it is necessary that your plate makes you want. Cook good food, healthy and gourmet. If you are very sweet: put all the recipes healthy pastry (there are plenty on the blog!). In this way you will not feel frustrated! You are rather salty? To you the good gratins, pan-fried vegetables … The pleasure is the key to success!


    1. Motivate yourself!

    If you stay alone on your side, you will become demotivated. Surround yourself with people who share your motivation and interests! Why not plan a weekly jog with your best friend? Or a yoga class with a colleague?

    Also be active on social networks that are a great source of motivation: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. You will make beautiful meetings (virtual or real!) With people who share your passions, your center of interest, the taste of sport and a healthy lifestyle.

    You are ready to hold your good resolutions in this early years! What are they elsewhere? Did you keep last year’s ones? 😉

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