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Have the eye of the Tiger … Or how (re) find the nymph!

This return exhausted me! Rhythm of intense work, recovery of the theater, sequence of races in competition, injury, many projects for the blog ….

In recent days, I notice a loss of energy .. And therefore a drop in motivation! I think that every weekend I say to myself, “Come on, Monday, I’m doing it seriously!

Then Monday comes … But not motivation, hehe!

Today, I want to find the energy, the soul … “Ze eyes of ze tiger” what!


Get out of your comfort zone

Aaaaah, the comfort zone! This wonderful country, so familiar where you feel good! Well, it’s over!

Follow the same sport routine, without ever doing violence, prevents progress and generates boredom …

To reboost me, so I decided to modify my sporting schedule in the weeks to come. Less running (to recover from my knee injury), more muscle building.

I foresee:

  • Two muscle building sessions (one upper body session / one lower body session)
  • A swimming session. I’m not great fan of the pool but it will allow me to maintain the cardio while preserving my joints
  • A little running session (For fun, it’s my passion!)

The only limits of the comfort zone are those imposed on him. It’s time to roll up his sleeves!


Challenge yourself

It’s a way to self-motivate. I will challenge myself to take the next plane to Bora Bora but … It needs a clearly defined goal, conducive to generate sporting motivation!

Me, I challenge myself to test two new sports activities a month. And you?

Here are some ideas: walk 30 minutes a day, run your first competition, participate in your first TRX course, test the Zumba / Swedish Gym with a girlfriend, do your home-work bike trips …. There are 1000 possibilities!


Think of training as a priority

To train regularly and find the nymph, we must perceive the sport as a priority: to have fun, be more muscular, better health, desiccated …

We must therefore think of training as a weekly goal that must be planned. This morning for example, I put my alarm clock at 6:30 to do my muscle building session before going to work. No excuse. Just organization!

If you do not plan your sports sessions in advance, you will never do them! Time is running out and you will always have something more important to do!

Register your upcoming sport sessions in red in your calendar and stay faithful to it!

And you, do you have tricks to find “the eye of the Tiger” in case of lower motivation ?!

I’m wearing a Planet Fitness outfit: Warrior Reebok Tank Top , Lytess Sports Leggings .

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